Top 5 Best Selling South Indian Dishes in USA

For a country that is home to a large number of immigrants from all over the world, USA has its fair share of cuisines from a lot of the countries. Needless to say, there are some favorites that have stood the sands of time and there are recently acquired tastes that have driven USA into a fit of elation!

One of these amazing cuisines that have taken a plunge into the culinary culture has to be south Indian cuisine in USA. It has managed to do the unthinkable task of almost getting the mundane butter naan and chicken tikka masala out of the way. Almost, it’s a relief to think that the world will finally be exposed to the true treasures of the Indian cuisine.

In the meanwhile, we are singing songs of victory for these south Indian dishes that have taken the gastronomic universe by a storm:

1. The Dosa Device

Dosa has been instrumental in bringing south Indian food into the spotlight. There is a whole world beyond the traditional plain or masala dosa and USA seems to be ready to take it on, one dosa at a time. Dosa easily makes its way to the top of this list for reasons best known.

2. Return of The Idli

The Idli has made a comeback on a lot of south Indian restaurants in USA. It’s somehow, literally, bigger and better. And this time it comes in more than just its original avatar. Still, there’s something extremely cheerful about breaking a morsel of a fluffy idli and dunking it into a tangy sambhar. Because something’s are champions in their original form.

3. Chettinad Code

The Chettinad code has been decrypted with a variety of super spicy dishes from the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu. Rare flavors with a strikingly hot smack of spices defines a key trait of Chettinad cuisine. With so many of the Chettinad specialities making a breakthrough, it seems inevitable to accept Chettinad as a chart buster.

4. Malabar Madness

Hailing from the coast of Malabar, there’s an insane amount of good dishes that have come to the table. Food from the Malabar region is well known for its distinct taste and aromas that complement the choice of meats and vegetables. The cuisine from Malabar is a flamboyant display of great balance of flavors. No wonder, this food trend is such a rage!

5. Gongura In All Its Glory

A quintessential herb for the Telugu people, Gongura has earned an identity of being a significant sensation in the region. It has also found its path in the neighbouring states and has now found a prominent spot on south Indian food menus across the world. It’s a winner in every sense of the word and has certainly earned its high spot on the food pedestal.

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