There aren’t many facts and figures on when and where Indian restaurants in USA first popped up. Even lesser is know about the people who visited these restaurants and which cities this cuisine was introduced in originally. One thing that is known for sure, is that in the early 1900s, Indian cuisine was just a subject of discussion. So it was literally, the talk of the town one day, and the next it was a raging trend for food lovers in USA.

In the last couple of decades, Indian food in USA has lept over and above the standard fare. Even more so, the cuisine from southern India has undergone a massive level of transformation to be where it is today. Indians who have been in USA for generations may have been quick to witness this tremendous wave of change that swept over the south Indian food menu which was served then. Since then, it has progressed in terms of the variety as well as flavors and finds a rather prominent spot on the menus of most Indian restaurants in USA.

Now, south Indian cuisine goes beyond the basics! For one, many condiments have been added apart from heaps of flavors and consistencies. Dosas are no more just restricted to the plain and masala variants but there are a lot more options to choose from. Idlis are now also served in smaller sizes (Mini idli) dunked in spicy Sambhar. Sambhar has evolved to include a lot more fresh and wholesome vegetables that make it the perfect accompaniment to your food. Curries and Biryanis have also unfolded into a world of culinary adventure that is triggered by the addition of bold and aromatic ingredients.

If you’re up for an absolutely exciting “foodventure” as well, there’s a lot happening in the underground food scene that we all may be completely oblivious to And if you happen to frequent south Indian restaurants in USA to feed the adventurous gourmand in you, you shouldn’t stop exploring. If I may add to your list, one such restaurant known for serving contemporary South Indian cuisine in USA, is Dharani. After having heard fabulous reviews of this restaurant from a bunch of diners, I happened to drop by at this humble eatery for a meal. One thing you need to know about this place is that their menu has captured the spirit of south India with exquisite food that subtly boasts of a modern twist to it. So you may be a tad bit surprised to try the food that is served at Dharani. Pleasantly surprised.

This restaurant has redefined modern south Indian food that has spread to most parts of USA with the change in palate preferences. To me it is a testimony to an era that celebrated the rich cultural heritage while combining it with the recent, inevitable change in taste buds or evolution as we call it. This is truly as good as it gets. So, if you’re ever hankering for an authentic south Indian meal, Dharani is the place to be.

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