No I’m not talking about good ol’ Mcd’s or Mr. Kentucky’s beloved chicken recipe. I’m in fact referring to the Dharani! Believe it or not, the journey of this restaurant has been a long and laborious one and now they stand as one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in USA.

For a country like America, where a majority of the population spends most of their time shivering in the dead of winter, only the warmth and spice explosion of South Indian cuisine comes to the rescue. No wonder, Dharani has enjoyed a certain popularity that comes with being unique in its own way. Those of you who are still unsure about what Dharani is, let me break it down for you. To the world, Dharani is one of the finest South Indian restaurants in USA. For me, they serve the best South Indian cuisine in USA. Period. There are quite a few reasons that have ensured that this restaurant grows at a steady pace. The food is one, of course but even the service and catering facilities they offer are rather competitive. Dharani’s love for the rich cultural heritage, has brought it to the spotlight, exposing their wide range of South Indian delicacies to USA. In doing so, Dharani has managed to capture the essence and aromas of the southern part of India.

As it turns out, Dharani is a part of the Altamount Restaurant Group which is a renowned, elite chain of restaurants present throughout USA. This has given Dharani stability and the leeway to expand. What started off as a simple dream to give USA the true depth of South Indian flavors, has now grown throughout USA. With branches in Albany, Morrisville, Woburn, Westborough and Hartford, they have plans of expanding further to other parts of USA. And you can be rest assured, if it’s not in your city already, you can expect a branch to pop up in the next one year or so.

This restaurant has taken the extra mile of exploring the South Indian food menu beyond the stereotypical south Indian fare. That’s exactly what sets them apart. They are not just all about the Idlis and Dosas but they have gone really deep into what South Indian food actually entails. From the spices to the recipes, it’s all as authentic as it gets. Also, for a restaurant to serve non-vegetarian delicacies in the south Indian food category is a rare sight. You can hope to appease your palate with the renowned Hyderabad Dum Biryani, Dharani style or even savor one of the many signature Chettinad delicacies they have on their menu. If you have the appetite for it, be prepared to enter a food coma, with the way you are served at this restaurant. The first time I went to a branch of this South Indian restaurant in Albany, the sheer cultural diversity really staggered me. Ever since then, this chain of restaurants has come a long way and I hope for my sake, it’s here to stay.

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