For a south Indian who resides in USA, food can become a glaring issue. As you see, the Indian stomach is accustomed to Indian food. If you’re one of those who often yearn for a fix of homegrown flavors that take you on a nostalgic trip, back to your roots, all hope is not lost. You may have been under the impression that unless you cook for yourself, you’re pretty much out of options to enjoy a reasonable meal that is scrumptious too. Well, think again.

There’s a lot more to south Indian food in the culinary world that exists within USA than meets the eye. You’d be surprised at the amount of options that have recently popped up for the Indian food lovers settled miles away from home.

If you wish to wallow in your long-standing acquaintance of the quintessential Masala dosa or indulge in a decadent Biryani from the homeland, there are places that serve south Indian cuisine in USA. Not only would these cater to your taste buds but also leave your appetite satiated.

Of course, there’s nothing like the comfort of home food and that’s exactly what Dharani, one of the most authentic and best south Indian restaurants in USA, aims to offer its diners. The only reason I’m raving about this place to everyone I meet nowadays is because I’m one of those fussy judges of food, which means I don’t eat anything that is below average or not cooked to near perfection. This means I’m a self-proclaimed connoisseur of food. That is why I take the liberty of recommending this place to every south Indian soul residing in USA. Dharani is that one-stop-shop for the south Indian foodie that takes care of all your home food cravings. They have you covered for all the three meals and everything in between which means you can go here back to back and indulge or should I say overindulge? I’ve been there and done that. In fact, I’m guilty of having eaten five meals here consecutively. And the only reason I didn’t go back because I was afraid I’d be asked to share rent with the restaurant considering how many times I walked into the restaurant in just 2 days! In my defense, they have a large variation of food that extends from the standard Tamilian fare- Sambhar Vada, to the distinctive Gongura from the heart of Andhra and all the way down to the coastal delights from Kerala. I was certainly spoilt for choice!

Jokes apart, for me, this “comprehensive” guide starts and ends at this one place that forms the apex of genuine south Indian food in USA. And if I may add, Dharani deserves to be labelled so all for good reason. With several branches stemming out to New York, Morrisville, Albany, Westborough and Woburn, this south Indian family restaurant is a welcoming and familiar territory for bachelors and spinsters to venture into. So the next time you’re aching to dig in to a good home cooked meal, away from home, you know where to head!

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