South Indian at Soul

For a true south Indian at heart, especially those who have inept cooking skills, getting a fix of the quintessential curd rice or a piping hot bowl of rasam is a blessing in disguise. Of course, the feeling of nostalgia or pangs of homesickness can only be satiated with the most comforting of comfort foods that exist from your homeland. A morsel or bite of food from your native has the power to transport you back to your hometown without even being there.

In USA, there are dearths of good south Indian restaurants that ignite that feeling. However, there are just a small handful of south Indian restaurants in USA that would take you to the heart of south India.

Dharani is one such restaurant that not only has a legit south Indian food menu but it also has gives you a fulfilling meal that won’t make you miss your home so much.

Delivered With Love

The food here is to die for but that’s not even the highlight. Imagine if you could have your dose of soul food delivered to your doorstep at your will. Now, bounce back to reality and guess what? Dharani does that for you.

With authentic flavors from the southern part of India, now available for delivery at your home, there is nothing that can come in between your favourite food and you. Forget all the justifications to not indulge in south Indian food. Forget all the “no time” or “no money” excuses. Trust me; you do not want to miss savoring your favorite delicacies at such an affordable price. There is literally no other place in USA that serves such amazing quality of food at reasonable rates such as Dharani. And the best part is you can have them deliver it to you, just in case you are too lazy or even short on time. You can be rest assured that the food is made from the best of chefs and delivered with even better vibes. Every meal packs a promise of aromatic and robust flavors that are as genuine as they get. The food has a homely feel to it, yet is absolutely lip-smacking!

Time And Place For a Treat

While some may argue that half the beauty of enjoying a meal is when you dine in at a restaurant with great ambiance. It could be the muffled chit-chats, the illuminated lighting, the service or even the fact that you don’t have to clean up after. While Dharani does offer all that, I’m one of those people who certainly relishes food more in a pair of unassuming jammies, snuggled up in my bed, hogging with my hand and licking every ounce of food off my fingers. Assuming, that you’re like me, the home delivery option will have you ordering every second day, with much solace.

With branches spread out across Woburn, Westborough, Albany, Morrisville and Hartford, this is one of those highly inconspicuous Indian restaurants in USA that haven’t garnered enough attention just yet. But it’s only a matter of time till people discover this haven for good home-like food. Till then, there’s more great fare for us!

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