Feast For The Foodie

USA is an astir of eateries from across the globe. There are food trucks, cafes, restaurants and even fine dining establishments – an array of limitless options for the brave and the daring gastronomes. Those who are willing to eat their hearts out can never be disappointed at the plethora of choices for the always-ready-to-gobble gourmand that is available in a country like USA.

But even for us foodies, there are days when no amount of fancy food can appease our tastebuds. There are days when only homemade food would do. So what do you do when you’re craving familiar flavors that take you back to your childhood days?

Revisiting Rustic

Dharani is the name that automatically resonates in my head whenever I think of homely food that leaves you extremely satisfied and controls my desire for home food, if I may add. This is one of those south Indian restaurants in USA that have mastered the art of creating a rustic experience that invoke memories of your home town. There is something so special and simple about the food that the complexity of aromas doesn’t seem so composite once you start to revel in its flavors.

South Indian food has a culturally diverse fare that varies from region to region. Even though, the southern states of India are close in proximity, the diversity in the tastebuds speaks a different truth about the inherent cultures of these places. So, for a restaurant to serve south Indian cuisine in USA that effortlessly adapts into these distinct palates and yet has a one-of-a-kind taste is a rare sight. There is no other restaurant that revisits the rustic side of south India like Dharani does.

Warning: Explosives Ahead

With a wide assortment of the best of delicacies from an authentic south Indian food menu, this cuisine is an explosion of flavors and a burst of spices that are harmonized with unique ingredients. Dharani has a menu that is a reflection of such robust and full-bodied condiments that are essential to south Indian food. It’s what makes it stand out amongst the many other pseudo-south Indian players that seemed to have made an abrupt appearance in USA.

In hardly any time, Dharani has managed to carve its space on the culinary globe. For all good reason though! Their Masala Dosa is a one way trip to food heaven; you wouldn’t want to come back. The Gongura chicken is another delicacy that I find irresistible. The poondu milagu kuzhambu is the best I’ve ever had. It’s the tangiest, yummiest, tamarind curry with garlicky goodness that will have you binging on it in just a mouthful.

Give this place a try if you wish to enjoy explosive flavors that would make you drool at the mere aromas of this amazing cuisine. You could bask in a bowl of sambhar or break a crispy masala dosa, there is no joy like digging into some homespun recipes that have the magic of home in every bite.

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