We all know a person or two, who loves to start the day at a cafe, or those who enjoy solitary Sunday brunches, have full attendance at all the family lunches or enjoys a view with dinner. There are more than just some of us who live to eat and have a social side that probes us to meet people for a nice, hot meal, outside of home.

While dining out is a weekly or even monthly affair for some, there are quite a few who can only eat to the sound of whispering gossips from the next table or are spoilt by the demigod-like amenities that teleports them to cloud nine. What’s not to love about dining out in a restaurant! For me, the thrill lies in unearthing new cuisines against the backdrop of a calming ambiance that usually is reminiscent of the country of origin. Needless to say, as an Indian at heart, it is soothing for my eyes to find people from my country, savoring a meal in an Indian restaurant in USA. Be warned though, my definition of Indian food is vastly different from any other non Indian folks out there.

Anyone who wishes to discover the lesser known flavors of India in an environment that has an Indian draw to it with a contemporary style that Dharani is the place to pop in for a warm, home-cooked type meal. If you don’t feel at home (away from home), your food’s one me! But I only say this with so much confidence because the elaborate, 100+ items on the typical south Indian food menu has kept me coming back all the time. It has never disappointed till date! For me, this is rightfully the best south Indian restaurant in USA, For one, the flavors are on point and secondly, there is a variety of scrumptious dishes from southern India. All of these are immediately identified with a vision of the crowded and vibrant streets of India, bustling with the beauty of. From their renowned range of Chettinad delicacies to the signature Yerra Karam dosa or even the chef’s special Thalapakattu Chicken Biryani, it’s all too good to resist. You can’t go wrong when you have a south Indian food menu like they do. But the true winner of the menu is, *drumroll please*…

The Chicken Sukha!

This dish truly deserves a special mention. It has the ability to sweep me off my feet and take me into food space with my eyes closed, appreciating the marriage of spices that are marinated and roasted with a piece of succulent chicken.The rich flavors and the tender yet juicy textures complement each other insanely well! I would be lying if I hid from you that I have had a certain bias towards this dish from the start and Dharani’s take on this dish has made me obsess over it all the more.

All in all, I recommend this place to everyone who is looking to grab a great meal in a warm and welcoming atmosphere; the joy of being served good food with a dollop of love is an evident reminder of a home away from home.

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